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Robotic Coating Application Systems


Current products for infrastructure repair and protection are dominated by Urethanes, Polyurethanes and Polyureas.  These products are constantly evolving to satisfy ever-changing environmental, health and performance specifications. The most desirable systems are quick-setting (from a few seconds to a few minutes) which often allows them to be applied in multiple, non-stop passes for a high build liner system.  The most versatile of these systems are applied using high pressure pumps and internal impingement (mix) guns.  Chemical manufacturers now offer a full spectrum of cure times and physical properties.

With the elimination of solvents and VOC’s, these products are much friendlier to work with than traditional products. However, there is still the issue of manual spray application, especially in a confined space. When you consider human error, fatigue and all of the support and safety equipment necessary, a uniform coating application is very difficult to achieve.

After 20 years of application and sales experience with high performance coatings, founder Michael Kronz partnered with a group of automation engineers and formed Remote Orbital Installations, LLC.

In 2000, with a focus on the infrastructure rehab and protection market, Remote Orbital Installations, LLC began testing a prototype design of a robotic coating delivery system (SPOD®).  After several years of modification and field testing in various applications, the SPOD® system has evolved to what we believe is the most versatile and effective spray lining tool available on the market.

Our latest design allows existing plural component application equipment to be mated with the Spod system for a variety of industrial applications. This patented technology sets a new standard for those who want a safer, faster and more consistent method of coating and lining application.

Official estimates for rehabilitation and replacement of wastewater and drinking water systems in the U.S. alone, ranges from $750 billion* to $1.3 trillion**.  Additionally, these dollars will have to be spent between now and the year 2020*** to avoid an environmental and public health crisis.  To help meet these challenges, municipalities will primarily look to contractors and material suppliers for proven, efficient methods to repair and protect their infrastructure investments.


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