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About Us

In 2002, Remote Orbital Installations, LLC introduced the first rotary head with impingement-mix technology for pipe internals and structures. This patented technology called SPOD® was designed for use with a variety of operating platforms for both horizontal and vertical applications. The original SPOD system provides the finest, most consistent lining in the industry and eliminates the possibility of human injury or error.

Robot Crawler

Plural-component Epoxy, Urethane and Polyurea systems dominate infrastructure protection and repair. These systems evolve to satisfy ever-changing safety, environmental and performance specifications. Through the steady elimination of solvents and VOC’s, modern coating systems become more desirable to work with than traditional products. Coatings manufacturers now offer a full spectrum of cure-times and physical properties.

The most efficient systems cure quickly, allowing them to be applied in higher film-builds vs multiple delayed applications. Typical applications use precision high-pressure proportioning pumps, incorporated with either a static mix manifold or, depending on the chemistry, an impingement (internal-mix) device. As with any coating system, there is always the issue of manual spray application, especially in a confined space. When you consider fatigue, necessary safety and support equipment, and the possibility of human error, application of a perfectly uniform coating is challenging. Remote Orbital Installations, LLC continues to research and develop hands-free coating application methods for use with today's most advanced rapid-cure coatings. Our primary focus is specialty equipment for the internal lining of pipe and structures on both remote in-situ and OEM projects.

Setting the Standard

We have engineered and supplied robotic solutions for both surface blasting and lining of large diameter pipe/penstocks which are first in the industry.

Our latest equipment designs allow for plural-component pumps to be integrated with multiple lining tools for a variety of industrial applications.

This patented technology sets a new standard for those who want safer, faster, and more consistent methods for their coating and lining applications.